We believe the Bible is the only infallible rule of faith and practice. Since God doesn’t change, we don’t think that what God’s people believe should change either. (Malachi 3:6)

What follows are just a few of the things that make View Crest stand out in today’s world.

To make certain God’s Church stands strong against the tide of change, our leaders take vows to sincerely receive and adopt the Westminster Confession of Faith as containing the system of doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures. The Westminster Confession has been the statement of what true Christians believe across denominational lines for some 400 years, connecting the church of today with the teaching the Biblical Apostles. These vows provide a high level of accountability, so that the only changes happening in the church are the kind that lead away from sin and toward greater godliness.

The Bible: God’s Word to Us

We believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. We are committed to the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as our only rule of faith and practice. (2 Timothy 3:16)

Membership: A Community of Believers

The Church of God is not a building, but a community of believers under our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As Christians, we must lay aside individualism, and pursue fellowship with one another as joint members of the body of Christ. (Acts 2:44; 1 Corinthians 12:27)

Maturity: Growing in Grace

God has not left us alone in this world, but has given us His Word and the divine power of the Holy Spirit, enabling us to die more and more to sin and to live more and more to righteousness. Acknowledging that we can never merit our own salvation, we pursue holiness and obedience to our God purely out of thankfulness for His grace and mercy in Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 6:1)

View Crest Presbyterian Church (PCA) is a Reformed and Evangelical body of believers in Jesus Christ, eternally committed to worshipping the One, True, and Living God and enjoying Him forever.

Ministry: Serving Our Neighbor

God tells us that it impossible to love him and not love our brother (1 John 4:20). Jesus makes it clear that our neighbor is not just the family next door, but every person with whom God brings us into contact (Luke 10:33-37). As a church, we seek to minister to the needs of our church, community, and world in the name of Christ.

Mission: Good News for Everyone

For the believer to know that in Christ we have complete forgiveness for our sins is not something we can keep quiet. In fact, this is the most important thing we could ever share with another person. Our mission as a church is simple: to equip and enable believers to reach the world for Christ. We are currently reaching out to places like India, Africa, Germany, and El Salvador. In addition, every member of our church considers themselves a missionary to their local community.

Magnify: The Meaning of Life

As human beings, we owe our very existence, and thus our allegiance to Almighty God: we were created to bring glory to our Creator. Our purpose in life is to worship and praise God in all of life through our Savior Jesus Christ, enjoying Him and His grace for eternity.

In other words, Sunday morning is only the beginning of the Christian journey.